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How did Brent change in the book whirligig?

The bottom line is that Brent is maturing. He's developing his own personality, now that he is on his own. And while he still keeps some distance from strangers as much as he can, he's also being more polite to the ones he does interact with. Brent has been transformed by the accident in a variety of ways.

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Moreover, what does Brent learn in whirligig?

Expert Answers info The whirligig Brent builds in Maine is the largest and most intricate of the four. He stays at a campsite which is described as peaceful and calm. By this point in the novel, Brent is ready to face what he did, the consequences of his actions, and the changes in his life.

Additionally, who is Brent in whirligig? Brent Bishop is an eleventh grader who turns seventeen just after this story begins. His family has moved four times in seven years while his father climbs the corporate ladder.

Additionally, who does Brent kill in whirligig?

Lea Zamora

What Whirligigs did Brent make?

When Brent arrives at Bellevue, Washington he starts to make his first whirligig, a harpist. There, he meets a cyclist who plays Go, who teaches him about the movement of life. In San Diego, California, Brent wanted to stay at a hostel but they tell him that only foreign travelers can stay there.

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