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How did anticlea die?

The name of Odysseus' dead mother is Anticleia. She dies of a broken heart. Tiresias himself approaches and drinks the blood of Odysseus' sacrifice. He tells Odysseus that his ship will be destroyed and his men will die on his journey home.

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Similarly, you may ask, why did Odysseus mom kill herself?

Anticlea, Odysseus mother, commits suicide by drowning because she can't bear to live without Odysseus. Circe says that Odysseus and his men had stayed at her palace for 5 years when it had seemed like 5 days.

Similarly, what happened to Odysseus in the underworld? Odysseus' Travels Circe, a sorceress on the island of Aeaea, tells Odysseus he must travel to the Underworld to receive his prophecy from the blind prophet Teiresias. Odysseus follows her orders, travels to Hades, and makes animal sacrifices so the dead can drink their blood and speak about the living world.

Just so, how does anticlea help Odysseus?

Then he asks her how she died and inquires about his family at home. She tells him that she died of grief, longing for him while he was at war. Anticlea also says that Laërtes (Odysseus' father) "grieves continually" for Odysseus and lives in a hovel in the countryside, clad in rags and sleeping on the floor.

What happened in the land of the dead?

The land of the dead is a dark place where spirits dwell after they have departed from their bodies. It is ruled by Hades, The god of the Dead. When people needed to talk to spirits, they needed to make a blood sacrifice.

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