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How did Abigail Williams parents die in the crucible?

When The Crucible begins, Abigail is an orphan living with her uncle and cousin, but her parents didn't just die of cholera or some other natural cause.

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In this way, how did Abigail Williams die?

She was only 12 years old when she started falsely accusing innocent women of being witches, which came to the total of 150 people by 1693. As for Abigail Williams' death, there's no record of exactly when or how she died, since she disappeared (probably by mortal means) halfway through the trials.

One may also ask, how does Abigail use power in the crucible? Thus, Abigail Williams' "power" in the courtroom is that she can bend to her will those who are in a position to make life or death decisions, especially Judge Danforth. In the court, she pretends to be freezing; she pretends to see a yellow bird; she claims that Mary is using "a black art to change [her] shape".

Additionally, does Abigail Williams died in the crucible?

Movie appearances. Abigail appears in the 1957 film adaption of The Crucible as John Proctor's maid before she betrays him and left him to die at the witch trials presided over by deputy governor Thomas Danforth.

What happened to Abigail Williams the crucible?

Abigail leads the girls in court in their witchcraft accusations. When Abigail is questioned in court about her sexual affair with John Proctor after he confesses, Abigail denies it. Abigail breaks into her uncle's lockbox, steals all his money, and leaves Salem with Mercy Lewis.

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