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How deep is the Los Angeles Reservoir?

183 feet

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Besides, what are the black balls in LA reservoir?

Shade balls are small plastic spheres floated on top of a reservoir for environmental reasons, including to slow evaporation and prevent sunlight from causing reactions among chemical compounds present in the water.

Also Know, are CA reservoirs full? Nearly all California reservoirs are at or above average levels. Overall, 580 billion gallons of water were added across the state since Jan. 1. The San Luis Reservoir is 82% full, and Lake Perris is 88% full.

Simply so, why did La drop 96 million shade balls?

L.A. Drops 96 Million 'Shade Balls' Into Its Reservoirs Unusually high levels of the carcinogen bromate were discovered in the reservoir in October 2007. Bromate occurs when bromide, naturally present in groundwater, and chlorine, used to kill bacteria, react in strong sunlight.

How long is the walk around Silver Lake reservoir?

Silver Lake Reservoir jogging trail is a nice 2.5-mile loop around Silver Lake Reservoir with roughly 200 ft in elevation gain. While on this path, a runner will get a calming view of the water, and will get to pass through the hip Silver Lake community in the middle of Los Angeles.

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