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How deep does a cabinet need to be for a microwave?

Above Your Head
Overhead cabinets are typically between 12 and 13 inches deep, except for microwave cabinets, which are 15 to 18 inches deep to accommodate most standard microwave sizes. The cabinets placed above a fridge are also slightly deeper, typically measuring 24 inches deep.

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Similarly, it is asked, how far should your microwave stick out from cabinets?

Over-the-range microwaves will typically be about 15 to 16 inches in depth, while upper kitchen cabinets in which they are installed are generally about 12 inches in depth, according to Runmyhouse Services Inc.

Also Know, what is standard cabinet depth? 24 inches

Then, can a countertop microwave be placed in a cabinet?

Types of Microwaves Countertop models can either sit on the counter or tuck into a shelf or opening in the cabinetry for a built-in look. Models with a mounting kit preserve work space by hanging on the wall, within cabinetry, or under the countertop.

How deep should upper cabinets be?

Standard wall cabinets (sometimes referred to as “upper cabinets”) are 12 inches deep; standard base (below-counter) cabinets are 24 inches deep.

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