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How deep are lilac roots?

Roots from a lilac bush will generally remain in the top 18-24" of soil but they may spread out a bit (it's a natural tendancy for these plants to colonize an area). I wouldn't be at all concerned that lilac roots might invade a sewer line that is 6-7 feet deep.

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Then, are lilac roots invasive?

Root System on Lilac Lilac roots aren't considered invasive and as long as you leave enough space between the tree, or shrub, and the structure, there is little risk from planting lilacs near foundations. Lilac roots generally spread one and one-half times the width of the shrub.

how do lilac roots grow? Lilac shrubs reproduce by seeds, but they also grow new plants from suckers. Shoots grow from the roots parallel with the surface of the soil. As they go along, they send up sucker shoots. Each of these can grow into a new bush.

Regarding this, how do I dig up a lilac bush?

  1. Dig around the base of the lilac bush using a shovel or spade.
  2. Remove as much soil from the hole as you can and keep digging until you reach the bottom of the root ball.
  3. Brush the dirt away from the exposed roots by hand and cut as many of them as you can using a pair of pruning shears.

Do lilac trees have big roots?

You can generally expect shrubs and trees to develop roots that extend out about one and one-half times the length of the branches. Lilac roots are not considered invasive, but a shrub that's 10' wide will probably have roots extending out about 15' in all directions.

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