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How close can a switch be to a kitchen sink?

They may have their own rule on that. Any receptacle within 6' (IIRC) must be GFCI protected. Since all of the kitchen countertop receptacles need to be GFCI protected anyway, that shouldn't be a problem. If it is a bathroom sink counter top, it can not be farther than 36" from the edge of the sink.

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Furthermore, how close can a light switch be to a kitchen sink?

Electrical sockets or switches should be fitted at a safe distance (it is recommended at least 30cm horizontally) from a sink to avoid the chance of water coming into contact with electricity.

can a light switch be next to a sink? Yes most definately, but also keep in mind that the light switch must not be on either of the two dedicated 20 amp kitchen appliance circuits. If you can put one next to a shower, you can put one next to a sink.

Correspondingly, what is the minimum distance between a sink and a socket?


How far does a stove have to be from a sink?

The sink should have a minimum of 24 inches of landing area on one side, and a minimum of 18 inches of landing area on the other side.

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