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How can you tell if polenta has gone bad?

If it's airtight and kept in a cool, dark place, it'll last much longer than the best before date. But if it's been exposed to air, light, or heat, it can go pretty fast, perhaps even before the best before date. So, smell it. If you detect any unpleasant smells, you probably don't want to eat it.

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Moreover, how long does polenta stay good?

5-7 days

Similarly, can old cornmeal make you sick? If it smells rancid or sour, it's past its prime, and you should discard it. Another thing to remember is that black and grey specs in whole-grain cornmeal are normal. Those flecks can be attributed to the germ of the corn. Other than that, you should use the guidelines for degerminated corn.

Additionally, how long can you keep uncooked polenta?

two years

What happens if you eat rancid cornmeal?

Like for instance, the cornmeal will lose some of the natural corn flavor as well as the natural oil in it that acts as the natural preservative which turns rancid and could lead to an off flavor of the cornmeal. Aside from that, once properly stored in airtight containers, cornmeal might hold the color and texture.

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