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How can you tell biotite?

Diagnostic Properties: Dark color, perfect clea

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Also asked, where can you find biotite?

Location: Biotite is found in many rocks around the world. Noteable deposits are found in Evje, Norway; Bessnes, France; Uluguru mountains in Tanzania; Ontario, Canada; and Laacher See, Germany.

Also Know, what is the texture of biotite? Properties. Like other mica minerals, biotite has a highly perfect basal cleavage, and consists of flexible sheets, or lamellae, which easily flake off. It has a monoclinic crystal system, with tabular to prismatic crystals with an obvious pinacoid termination.

In respect to this, how can you tell if biotite is thin?

Under cross-polarized light, the biotite thin section appears darker brown in areas as well as a pink-yellow color in others. Biotite, usually dark green, brown, or black, has a pale brown color under plane-polarized light in this sample.

Is biotite valuable?

Biotite is a common rock forming mineral, being present in at least some percentage in most igneous and both regional and contact metamorphic rocks. Biotite is rarely considered a valuable mineral specimen, but it can accompany other minerals and compliment them.

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