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How can you communicate mathematical ideas effectively?

Mathematical ideas can be communicated in a variety of ways using many different representations. For example, you can use verbal , written , symbolic and/or visual representation to convey or expound on a mathematical concept. Technology can also be used to teach concepts.

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Regarding this, what is good mathematical communication?

Explain your mathematical thinking to another, either orally or in writing, using representations. Justify your own or a peer's problem-solving process. Respond to the mathematical ideas of another. Explain a mathematical concept or problem so that others will understand it.

Similarly, how can mathematical ideas be represented? Representations help organize, record, and communicate mathematical ideas. Representations help solve problems. Mathematical ideas are represented externally and internally. Mathematical ideas are represented with object and actions with those objects.

Also asked, why is communication important in mathematics?

Communication plays an important role in making mathematics meaningful; it enables students to construct links between their informal, intuitive notions and the abstract language and symbolism of mathematics.

Why is it helpful to represent the same mathematical idea in different ways?

Thus multiple representations are ways to symbolize, to describe and to refer to the same mathematical entity. They are used to understand, to develop, and to communicate different mathematical features of the same object or operation, as well as connections between different properties.

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