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How can we regain hardness of water by adding lime?

Lime softening is a water treatment process that uses calcium hydroxide, or limewater, to soften water by removing calcium and magnesium ions. In this process, hydrated lime is added to the water to raise its pH level and precipitate the ions that cause hardness.

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Also asked, what happens when you add water to lime?

Calcium carbonate does not react with water. Adding water to the lime produces slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) in an exothermic reaction. Some of the calcium hydroxide dissolves in the water producing an alkaline solution called limewater.

Also, why is Recarbonation used after lime softening of water? Recarbonation is the most common process used to reduce pH. This procedure adds carbon dioxide to water after softening. When high magnesium water is softened, excess lime needs to be added to raise the pH above 11, and magnesium hydroxide precipitates out.

Likewise, how can we remove hardness of water?

Softening is the process of removing the dissolved calcium and magnesium salts that cause hardness in water. It is achieved either by adding chemicals that form insoluble precipitates or by ion exchange. Chemicals used for softening include calcium hydroxide (slaked lime) and sodium…

Does lime make water hard?

The presence of the metal cations makes the water hard. However, unlike the permanent hardness caused by sulfate and chloride compounds, this "temporary" hardness can be reduced either by boiling the water, or by the addition of lime (calcium hydroxide) through the process of lime softening.

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