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How can we improve the performance of joiner transformation in Informatica?

Use the following tips to improve session performance with the Joiner transformation:
  1. Designate the master source as the source with fewer duplicate key values.
  2. Designate the master source as the source with fewer rows.
  3. Perform joins in a database when possible.
  4. Join sorted data when possible.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how can we improve the performance of Lookup transformation in Informatica?

To improve performance, create a filter condition to reduce the number of lookup rows retrieved from the source when the lookup cache is built. Index the lookup table. The Data Integration Service needs to query, sort, and compare values in the lookup condition columns.

how Joiner transformation works in Informatica? The joiner transformation is an active and connected transformation used to join two heterogeneous sources. The joiner transformation joins sources based on a condition that matches one or more pairs of columns between the two sources. The two input pipelines include a master and a detail pipeline or branch.

Simply so, how can we improve the performance of Informatica mapping?

Informatica Performance Improvement Tips

  1. Use Source Qualifier if the Source tables reside in the same schema.
  2. Make use of Source Qualifer "Filter" Properties if the Source type is Relational.
  3. If the subsequent sessions are doing lookup on the same table, use persistent cache in the first session.

How can we improve throughput in Informatica?

Filter Transformation –

  1. Use filter transformation as early as possible inside the mapping. If the unwanted data can be discarded early in the mapping, it would increase the throughput.
  2. Use source qualifier to filter the data.

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