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How can pre analytical errors be prevented?

“Other measures for avoiding preanalytical errors that have proven successful are: never accept an unlabelled sample. Never allow unlabelled or mislabeled samples to be relabeled, if recollection is feasible." "Document relabeling must be approved by an attending physician, with results footnoted.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what are pre analytical errors?

1. The preanalytical phase comprises all of the processes occurring before the sample is processed in the autoanalyzer. These include inappropriate tests that have been ordered, improper sample collection, transport delays, and illegible handwriting on requisition slips.

Additionally, what are the errors committed in the pre examination phase? Pre-pre-examination errors include: inappropriate test request, order entry, patient/specimen mis-identification or haemolysis; pre-examination include sorting, aliquoting, pipetting; examination errors include equipment failure, sample mix-ups, interference; post-examination include erroneous data validation,

Also, how can laboratory errors be reduced?

The digital transformation of medical

  1. Implement bar code identification system.
  2. Provide automatic transmission of reports by computer, pager or other electronic formats.
  3. Learn from mistakes and near misses.
  4. Establish clear format for reporting results.
  5. Set up facility-wide protocols.

What is pre analytical phase?

The Pre-Analytical Phase. The pre-analytical phase of a diagnostic test refers to all of the steps required to deliver the analyte from the sampled environment or patient to the analytical assay. First, the test must sample the matrix in which the target analyte is present.

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