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How can I make more room for my party?

Think outside the chair—pillows and blankets create a comfy seating area for guests.
  1. Get creative with seating.
  2. Use all the rooms in your apartment.
  3. Crowdsource the tunes.
  4. Go full kid's menu.
  5. Quench the thirst with party-sized pours.
  6. Eat (with) plant-based ingredients.
  7. Paper towels.
  8. Play virtual games.

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Simply so, how do you get more space for a party?

Party Prep Tips: Making Space for a Crowd

  1. Make your biggest area the dining area.
  2. Turn your garage into a comfy lounge.
  3. Set up stations and decor to direct traffic.
  4. Make sure your buffet is big enough.
  5. Keep the drinks away from the entrance.
  6. Repurpose furniture as serving stations.
  7. Make some areas standing room only.

Similarly, how do you make a house party fun? Top Tips To Make A House Party Amazing

  1. Lighting will set the mood. Whatever you do, don't leave overhead lights on, the brightness will kill the atmosphere before the party has started!
  2. Decorate.
  3. Move furniture around.
  4. Hire a DJ.
  5. Book a photographer.
  6. Serve bowl food.
  7. Stock up on drinks.
  8. Plan a midnight snack.

Also to know, how do you host a large dinner party in a small space?

10 Tips for a Small-Space Dinner Party

  1. Take out the trash and recycling beforehand. Emptying your garbage pre-party will set your night up for success.
  2. Keep the menu simple.
  3. Set the mood.
  4. Have bites and drinks readily available.
  5. Use your table as a buffet.
  6. Embrace unconventional seating.
  7. Mix and match plates.
  8. Wear a dark top.

How do you entertain a large group in a small space?

10 Designer-Approved Tips for Entertaining in a Small Space

  1. Clean, Clean, Clean.
  2. Be Strategic About the Menu.
  3. Use Every Inch of Counter Space.
  4. Designate a Place for Coats and Bags.
  5. Manage Traffic.
  6. Add in Extra Seating or Tables.
  7. Keep Table Décor Simple.
  8. Create Ambience.

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