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How can I close my HDFC Bank account permanently?

Steps to close your HDFC Bank Savings Account:
  1. Reduce your account balance to zero.
  2. Take a photocopy/scan of your debit card and alsothe first and last unused check leaves in yourcheckbook (for backup and security).
  3. Go to your base branch (where you opened youraccount).
  4. Fill out an account closure form.

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Also to know is, can we close HDFC account online?

It is not possible to close HDFC Bank Accountonline because your physical presence is required to know yourreason for the closure of your account. To closeHDFC Account, we have to go the Branch where wehave opened the Account ? NO, You can go any of yournearest HDFC Branch to close youraccount.

can we close bank account online? How to Close a Bank Account Online.Online bill payments, electronic fund transfers and mobiledeposits have lessened the need to visit a bank branch toconduct business. However, when it comes to closing an accountonline it is not quite as simple as hitting"delete".

In this way, is there any charges for closing HDFC bank account?

For closure of savings account, an HDFCBank customer, depending on the nature and tenure ofthe account, will have to pay a fee of Rs 500 and ifthe average monthly balance falls below Rs 20,000 innonurban centres, it will charge Rs 500 amonth, according to its website listing various chargeseffective January 2012.

Can I close my HDFC Bank account with negative balance?

In response to an email sent by TOI, HDFC Banksaid it "does not allow the balance in a savingsaccount to go negative due to imposition of charges fornon-maintenance of minimum balance". The statementadded that there are no charges for reactivation of theaccount in future.

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