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How big is the Abomasum?

The abomasum is the fourth stomach compartment. It is also called the “true stomach”. It holds about 27 liters (7 gallons). This compartment has basically the same function as the stomach in simple stomached (monogastric) animals, such as pigs and humans.

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Keeping this in consideration, what is the function and size of the Abomasum?

The abomasum is the fourth chamber in the ruminant. It functions similarly to the carnivore stomach as it is glandular and digests food chemically, rather than mechanically or by fermentation like the other 3 chambers of the ruminant stomach.

Also, why Abomasum is called true stomach? This fourth and last compartment which make up the cow's stomach is the abomasum or "true" stomach as it is called because it functions in a very similar way to the stomach of a man or pig. As in the omasum, the abomasum contains many folds to increase its surface area.

In this regard, what does the Abomasum look like?

The abomasum is the ruminant's true or glandular stomach. Histologically, it is very similar to the stomach of monogastrics. The interior of the rumen, reticulum and omasum is covered exclusively with stratified squamous epithelium similar to what is observed in the esophagus.

Where is the Abomasum?

The abomasum is the fourth, or "true," stomach in the cow. It normally lies low down in the right front quadrant of the abdomen, just inside the seventh through 11th ribs (Figure 1). Adjacent to the abomasum, on the left side of the abdomen, is the large first stomach, or rumen (Figure 2).

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