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How big does forsythia grow?

Forsythias are fast growing shrubs. Many cultivars (varieties) have spreading, arching growth habits and can reach a height of 8 to 10 feet. Forsythias grow and bloom best in full sun.

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In this regard, how quickly does forsythia grow?

With a growth rate of 2 to 4 feet per year, your Forsythia fulfills almost any landscape need. Especially since your Lynwood Gold is virtually carefree - no guesswork in growing when it comes to the adaptable, versatile, and easy-growing Lynwood Gold.

Secondly, how do you make forsythia grow faster? First for forsythia shrub care is that forsythias enjoy full sun. Make sure your forsythia bush gets at least six hours of sunlight a day. While it can tolerate less than this, your forsythia's ability to flower will be reduced if it does not get full sun. Next, forsythias need to be grown in well draining soil.

Considering this, how does forsythia spread?

Forsythia, when left alone, can easily reach a height of 10 feet, with a similar spread. It can spread even farther if its lowest branches touch the ground; they can root there and become new shrubs in their own right, until you have quite a thicket on your hands.

Can you keep forsythia small?

A forsythia bush has a graceful arching habit. The plants can grow seven to ten feet tall and just as wide. If you plant it in a small garden bed that is only a few feet wide, no amount of pruning will give you a good looking plant later.

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