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How big does Daphne odora get?

On average, a species of daphne will grow 3 to 4 feet (1-1.2 m.) tall with a 4-foot (1.2-m.) spread. They have a mounding form and thick leathery sword-shaped leaves.

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Then, how quickly does Daphne grow?

Daphne are slow growing shrubs, it can take 7-10 years to reach mature size and then only around 3-5 feet depending on the variety.

Subsequently, question is, what do you feed Daphne stinka? Daphne's prefer a slightly acidic soil, therefore feed your bush with Tui Acid Food. Coffee grounds are useful too - add around the base of the plant. Next drench with Seasol seaweed based plant tonic to give the roots a boost and help improve the overall health of the plant.

Moreover, how much can you prune a Daphne?

Every March, cut the entire shrub back by two-thirds or more. You don't have to worry about where you make your cuts, but the shrub will grow back more attractively if you prune the branches into a dome shape.

How often should I water Daphne?

Water with a soaker hose or a drip watering system deeply and slowly when the soil is dry about 4 inches underground. If the weather is extremely windy on the coastline or very hot in summer, check the moisture level in the soil more often. Daphne will need more frequent watering in these conditions.

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