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How big do laburnum trees grow?

25 feet tall

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Likewise, people ask, how fast do laburnum trees grow?

This is a deciduous tree which has green leaves from March to November. It sheds leaves in late autumn. It reaches full size after about 15 years. Expect a maximum height of 7 metres / 22ft and a spread of 6m / 19ft.

Beside above, how do you prune a laburnum tree? Laburnum trees should be pruned in late summer but they can be pruned up until Christmas. They should not be pruned in the spring or early summer as they may bleed. If you are growing your Laburnum as a specimen tree, remove any damaged stems and prune only to maintain the shape of the canopy.

Beside this, how dangerous is laburnum?

All parts of the common laburnum are poisonous – the bark, roots, leaves and especially the seed pods. They contain the alkaloid toxin cytisine. Consumption of this can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, frothing at the mouth, convulsions and even death through paralysis.

Is Laburnum poisonous to touch?

All parts of the plant are poisonous, although mortality is very rare. Symptoms of laburnum poisoning may include intense sleepiness, vomiting, convulsive movements, coma, slight frothing at the mouth and unequally dilated pupils. The main toxin in the plant is cytisine, a nicotinic receptor agonist.

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