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How big do apple trees get?

25 to 30 feet tall

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Furthermore, how fast do apple trees grow?

Growing Rate Because of this, the growth rate of spur-type apple trees such as spur-type “Red Delicious” apple trees is moderate, between 6 to 10 inches per year. A non-spur apple tree, such as the non-spur “Granny Smith” apple tree can grow quickly, reaching up between 6 and 18 inches per year.

Subsequently, question is, how long does it take for an apple tree to bear fruit? six to 10 years

Subsequently, one may also ask, how big is a standard apple tree?

Mature Size The mature height of apple trees varies by type. Dwarf apple trees grow about 10 feet tall, while semi-dwarf varieties can reach 15 feet. Meanwhile, standard-size apple trees often soar to heights above 20 feet and sometimes tower at 30 feet.

Do you need 2 apple trees to produce fruit?

Most apple varieties do not pollinate themselves or any flowers of the same apple variety; this requires planting at least two different apple tree varieties close to one another so that the bees can pollinate. (There are actually some self-pollinating apple tree varieties if you are really short on space.

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