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How big can a jade plant get?

five feet tall

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Similarly, it is asked, how long does it take for a jade plant to grow big?

In three to four weeks, you should notice new growth on the top of the plant.

Furthermore, do jade plants grow fast? Adequate light helps jade plants grow quickly. Elsewhere jade plants are more likely to be houseplants. No matter where you live, get your jade to grow quickly by understanding its growing cycle and plant requirements. Over time, indoor and outdoor jade plants (Crassula argentea) can grow up to 5 feet tall.

Keeping this in view, how do I make my jade plant thicker?

You can help the Jade plant to grow a thicker trunk by pruning back the plant. You may leave a few leaves on it, but prune back the plant as much as you can. To the first pair of leaves on each branch for example. This way you can keep it shorter and it will focus more on making its trunk thicker.

When should I repot my jade plant?

Repotting Jade Plants

  1. Jade plants don't mind being root bound in a small pot.
  2. Repot young jade plants once every 2 to 3 years to encourage growth.
  3. Transplant in the early spring, just before the growing season begins.
  4. After repotting, don't water the plant for a week or so.

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