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How big are Air New Zealand seats?

Bassinet Row Seats
Bassinet dimensions are 29 inches (73.66cm) long x 13.5 inches (34.29cm) wide.

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Hereof, how wide are Air New Zealand seats?

17.2" wide

Likewise, what is Air New Zealand biggest plane? Business Premier is the highest available class on Air New Zealand flights, available on both 777 variants and the 787 aircraft.

Likewise, what is Air New Zealand preferred seating?

Preferred Seat These seats are in preferred location on the aircraft with priority boarding privileges, and may also have extra legroom.

Does Air NZ charge for seat selection?

The practice of making passengers pay to select seating has been widely adopted by airlines. On short haul flights this includes Jetstar (which charges between $8 and $15 for seat allocation), Air New Zealand ( between $5 and $10), and Qantas (which charges $16 for economy seat choices).

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