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How are wool pellets made?

Wool Pellets are made from 100 % raw wool. Wool is sheared from sheep each spring. The main fleece of the wool is sold to make clothes, but the belly wool and the "tags" (wool from around the back end of the sheep) are used to make pellets. The wool is compressed and formed into pellets.

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Then, do wool pellets work?

Slugs and snails do not crawl over virgin sheep wool! They try, but after a few attempts all slugs and snails were repelled and turned around. So, the wool worked much better than expected after the failed attempt with the hair. Sheep's wool also works as a mulch and organic fertilizer.

can you use wool as mulch? We have found that wool is a great weed barrier. It helps maintain soil moisture, keeps soil temperature more constant, and nitrogen is present in greater amounts in the plants when wool is used as a mulch. Productivity and yields are increased when wool is used as mulch.

Beside above, how are sheep pellets made?

Sheep pellets are a natural NZ product made from sheep manure and waste wool. Containing a range of useful nutrients, they are used as a slow-release fertilizer – useful for balanced plant growth and for feeding micro-organisms in the soil that help to improve its fertility.

What can you do with waste wool?

Or just because of that.

  1. Pot planting. When I sow in pots I put some wool waste in the bottom to let the roots get some space.
  2. Mulching. For basically the same reason as the pots, we put wool waste on top of the garden beds at our allotment.
  3. Instant felted soles.
  4. Against visiting ants.
  5. Feeding the compost.
  6. Wool waste water.

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