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How are Punnett squares and pedigrees different?

They are different because the punnett square shows the probability of the next child/plant/animal having a certain trait and the pedigree shows why the children/plant/animal has a certain trait.

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In this manner, how do Punnett squares and pedigrees depict gene transmission?

While Punnett squares provide information about offspring, pedigrees are diagrams that allow individuals to visualize patterns of inheritance throughout their family history. Pedigrees utilize symbols to denote individuals in a family. Squares represent males, and circles represent females.

Subsequently, question is, how are Punnett squares used? The Punnett square is a square diagram that is used to predict the genotypes of a particular cross or breeding experiment. It is named after Reginald C. Punnett, who devised the approach. The diagram is used by biologists to determine the probability of an offspring having a particular genotype.

Considering this, how do you tell if a pedigree is recessive or dominant?

Reading a pedigree

  1. Determine whether the trait is dominant or recessive. If the trait is dominant, one of the parents must have the trait.
  2. Determine if the chart shows an autosomal or sex-linked (usually X-linked) trait. For example, in X-linked recessive traits, males are much more commonly affected than females.

How can human pedigrees be constructed from genetic information?

Human pedigrees can be constructed by observing a families blood line's phenotypes to determine the genotypes. How can genetic patterns be analyzed to determine dominant or recessive inheritance patterns?

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