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How are flood and landslide related to each other?

A flood occurs when land that is normally dry is covered by water. Flooding is the act of flood water accumulating in a area that is being flooded. To understand mudslides you need to know what a landslide is. A landslide is when a quantity of rock slides down a slope.

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Just so, how do landslide and flooding affect the people in the community?

The impact of a landslide can be extensive, including loss of life, destruction of infrastructure, damage to land and loss of natural resources. Landslide material can also block rivers and increase the risk of floods. After Tropical Storm Stan in 2005, landslides caused the watersheds in Guatemala to collapse.

Additionally, how landslide may cause a destructive flash flood? Rapidly rising water can reach heights of 30 feet or more. Flash flood-producing rains falling on steep terrain can weaken soil and trigger catastrophic mud slides that damage homes, roads, and property. Densely populated areas are at a high risk for flash floods.

Similarly, how can we prevent landslides and floods?

Examples of physical measures are classic flood risk reducing methods such as barriers, dikes, embankments, walls, and dams (Goltermann and Marengwa 2012). Landslides can be prevented by soil reinforcements and erosion-prevention measures in the most landslide-prone areas.

How do floods change the land?

The rapid changes caused by floods include washing away land. These are sometimes referred to as mudslides or landslides. The land washes away quickly, causing a change in the surface of the earth. The slow changes may affect the appearance of rocks around the water area.

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