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How are Durkheim's idea of the division of labor and his idea of civilization related?

Without morality, society cannot exist. How are Durkheim's idea of the division of labor and his idea of "civilization" related? We have to work together for the moral society. "Since the division of labor becomes the chief source of social solidarity, it becomes, at the same time, the foundation of moral order".

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Likewise, what were the concerns Durkheim had about the division of labor?

Durkheim argued that moral regulation was needed, as well as economic regulation, to maintain order (or organic solidarity) in society. In fact this regulation forms naturally in response to the division of labor, allowing people to "compose their differences peaceably".

Furthermore, what was Durkheim's theory? Emile Durkheim developed theories of social structure that included functionalism, the division of labor, and anomie. These theories were founded on the concept of social facts, or societal norms, values, and structures. Those parts form a whole, normal state of society.

In this regard, what is the function of the division of labor according to Durkheim?

Durkheim discusses how the division of labor—the establishment of specified jobs for certain people—benefits society because it increases the reproductive capacity of a process and the skill set of the workers. It also creates a feeling of solidarity among people who share those jobs.

What did Emile Durkheim argue?

Durkheim's Philosophy of Religion. During Durkheim's life, his thinking about religion changed in important ways. Early in his life, as in Division, he argued that human societies could exist on a secular basis without religion. But later in his life he saw religion as a more and more fundamental element of social life

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