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How are density dependent limiting factors different from density independent limiting factors?

Density-dependent limiting factors cause a population's per capita growth rate to change—typically, to drop—with increasing population density. Density-independent factors affect per capita growth rate independent of population density. Examples include natural disasters like forest fires.

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In this way, what is the difference between density dependent limiting factors and density independent limiting factors?

Explain the difference between a density-dependent limiting factor and a density-independent factor. Density-independent limiting factors affect populations no matter what their size is; density-dependent ones affect the population only when the number of organisms reach a certain level.

Beside above, is emigration a density independent limiting factor? Density-dependent limiting factors lower birth rates or increase death/emigration rates via increased intraspecific competition at higher population densities. Cycles of growth and decline limit some predator and prey populations.

Also Know, what are density independent limiting factors?

density-independent factor Any factor limiting the size of a population whose effect is not dependent on the number of individuals in the population. An example of such a factor is an earthquake, which will kill all members of the population regardless of whether the population is small or large.

How do parasites serve as a density dependent limiting factor?

Parasitism is considered as a density-dependent limiting factor. Given this case, parasites serve as a limiting factor to population growth because they cause a decrease in the population of the host species.

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