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How are compound butters used in making sauces What are the ingredients for a traditional maitre d hotel butter?

Main ingredients: Butter, parsley, lemon juice,

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Also, how are compound butters used in making sauces?

Primarily, they are used to enhance flavor in various dishes, in a fashion similar to a sauce. Compound butters can be made at home or purchased commercially. A compound butter can be made by whipping additional elements, such as herbs, spices or aromatic liquids, into butter.

Beside above, what is Epicurean Butter? Epicurean Butter. Denver, CO. After 20 years as a chef in fine dining restaurants, John Hubschman developed a line of sweet and savory compound butters to help home cooks prepare delicious meals effortlessly. Coupled with the skills of his wife Janey, Epicurean Butter was founded in 2004.

Also to know, how do you use compound butter?

Whip them up; stiffen the compound butter (most often in the freezer); then add a small knob — I adore that Old World kitchen word — to bunches of foods. Sweet compound butters are terrific on baked goods such as muffins or scones, or on pancakes, waffles or Dutch babies.

How long do Compound butters last?

5 days

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