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Does yew make a good hedge?

1. Yew has dense evergreen foliage that makes a great, lasting canvas for your other garden plants and provides both privacy screening and noise reduction. Taxus baccata is a low maintenance hedging plant, and you can keep your hedge in top shape by pruning just once a year.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how fast does a yew hedge grow?

Growth rate of English Yew (Taxus baccata) Taxus baccata hedging is renowned for being slow growing; however, it does maintain an average growth rate of 20-40cm a year, reaching a good height at 2m-4m.

Secondly, how far apart do you plant yew hedge? Depending on size, space your yew hedge plants at between 2 and 3 per metre in a single row. A Yew hedge is beautiful but formal so getting lines and spacing accurate matters. Use a string stretched between canes to make sure you are planting straight.

Likewise, how do you plant yew hedges?

Planting a hedge in less well-drained soil If you need to plant a yew hedge on heavier soils, make the soil into a ridge at least 15cm (6in) high and about 1m (3ft) wide and allow the soil to settle before planting along the top. Just cover the roots with no more than 3cm (1in) of soil.

What is the fastest growing hedge?

Description. Leylandii is a conifer that is the fastestgrowing, evergreen, hedging plant and will create a hedge quickly. Because it is fast growing, it is generally the cheapest way of forming an evergreen garden hedge and hence the most popular.

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