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Does Vinca need fertilizer?

Annual vinca grows well in hot, sunny locations and blooms throughout the growing season. It can tolerate even relatively poor soils and dry conditions, but the National Garden Bureau recommends fertilizing once a month with water-soluble or granular fertilizer.

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Regarding this, how do you fertilize vincas?

Fertilize the plants once a month with a 10-10-10 nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium water-soluble fertilizer. Mix 1 teaspoon of fertilizer with 1 gallon of water, or according to the instructions on the package. Apply the fertilizer in place of a watering.

Furthermore, why is my vinca not blooming? In some cases though, a plant needs to go through a cold period to provoke flowering. Nutrient imbalance – Too much nitrogen can result in lush, green growth but too much can also reduce flowering. Too little phosphorus can also be the cause for plants not flowering. Improper pruning – Pruning is another factor.

Herein, how do you keep vincas blooming?

Annual vinca is drought tolerant but does best if you water the plants whenever the top inch or so of the soil feels dry to the touch. Take care not to overwater this plant; it's easily susceptible to root rot. Keep potted vinca blooming well by fertilizing regularly with any general-purpose garden fertilizer.

How often should you water vincas?

Water every other week, or if the top 2 inches of soil feel dry to the touch. Vinca is very drought tolerant and prefers its soil to be on the dry side of moist. Do not wait too long to water, though.

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