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Does uric acid affect fertility?

However, this effect has not yet been collectively discussed, even though uric acid has been a well-recognized constituent in semen. In contrast, high levels of uric acid may induce adverse effects to sperm function, at least in part, by reducing the activity of vital enzymes in spermatozoa.

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Herein, does sperm contain uric acid?

Uric Acid as a Component of Semen In general, non-protein nitrogen compounds, including uric acid, are present in semen [4,5,6]. They are possibly derived from two sources: transudation from the blood circulation [4] or local production [4,7].

can high blood pressure affect male fertility? (HealthDay News) — Hard physical work, high blood pressure (BP) and taking multiple medications are among the factors that may lower sperm quality and make men less fertile, new research suggests. The study was published in Fertility and Sterility.

Subsequently, question is, does cycling affect sperm production?

Shift your cycling style Yet evidence suggests that bicycling is the only exercise that has an impact on sperm production. This trauma can affect blood flow to the testis, which can also negatively impact the production of sperm. Local impact on the testicular and perineal area may impact sexual function.

Can propranolol affect sperm?

Low doses of propranolol, which did not affect motility, were found to inhibit the capacity of human spermatozoa for sperm-oocyte fusion. When added at a concentration of 300 mcg/ml, nonoxynol-9 had a slight, insignificant suppressive effect on seminal sperm motility within 20 seconds of drug addition.

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