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Does Ulta sell Laura Geller Makeup?

Estée Lauder, Laura Geller | Ulta Beauty.

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Furthermore, does Sephora sell Laura Geller?

Why is the Laura Geller makeup line no longer sold in Sephora stores in Canada. They used to carry the full line of Laura Geller products in my local Sephora in Mississauga. But as of july 2010, it suddenly disappeared from their shelves. Just randomly took it away.

Similarly, is Laura Geller balance and brighten discontinued? I haven't noticed any ill effects from using Balance 'n Brighten, and I have used it for 10-15 years. Answer: No. None of Laura Geller's baked products are discontinued as this point in time.

Also know, is Laura Geller Makeup going out of business?

Glansaol LLC, the owner of Laura Geller, Julep, and Clark's Botanicals, has announced it has voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on December 19th, in an effort to pursue a sale transaction. The Bankruptcy Court is expected to consider whether to approve the sale procedures in early 2019.

Who owns Laura Geller Makeup?

Laura Geller and Julep acquired by Glanasol. Glanasol, a newly formed prestige beauty and personal care company, has acquired Laura Geller, Julep and Clark's Botanicals, marking its first acquisitions.

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