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Does Ting have good coverage?

That's great for low-usage customers, but it gets veryexpensive for heavy data users. Performance: Ting uses bothSprint's and T-Mobile's networks, depending on what kind of phoneyou have. Overall: Ting is a great pick if you livein an area with decent coverage and you don't usevery much data every month.

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Also to know is, what service does ting use?

Ting is a mobile virtual network operator andinternet service provider launched in February 2012 byTucows Inc. Ting provides cellular service in theUnited States using Sprint's CDMA, EV-DO 3G, and 4GLTE nationwide network as well as GSM service via theT-Mobile network.

Secondly, is Mint Mobile reliable? Mint, like most prepaid carriers, is what'sconsidered an MVNO, or mobile virtual network operator.That's a good thing for Mint customers, consideringsome other prepaid providers throttle speeds, regardless of networkconditions. For example, AT&T-owned Cricket Wireless institutesa cap of 8 Mbps at all times.

Similarly, it is asked, does Ting use Verizon towers?

In the US, Sprint®* and Verizon run on theCDMA networks while AT&T and T-Mobile run on the GSM networks.Ting runs on both. If you have a multi-network phoneor plan on picking up a new phone through our Ting shop orfrom a third party, we offer some great tips on what to look forwhile shopping.

Does Ting have unlimited data?

Ting historically hadn't sold unlimitedplans, and in fact, Ting doesn't sell traditional phoneplans at all. Ting subscribers get billed on a payper use model. Talk, text, and data service allotments aresold in tiers. Use 100MB of data or less one month andTing will bill you $3 for your usage.

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