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Does Thousand Oaks need to evacuate?

About 30,000 residents in portions of Simi Valley, Moorpark and Thousand Oaks have been evacuated. “Be ready and prepared,” Lorenzen said.

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People also ask, will Simi Valley have to evacuate?

Mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders have been lifted in Simi Valley. Please exercise caution when returning to your residence. Remain vigilant and aware of the changing weather conditions and be prepared to leave if the conditions pose an immediate threat.

are there fires in Thousand Oaks? THOUSAND OAKS (CBSLA) — A small brush fire is burning in Ventura County threatening some homes, authorities said. The two-alarm fire is burning near White Stallion Road in Thousand Oaks. Ventura County Fire Captain Brian McGrath said the fire was burning moderately. Fortunately, he said the winds were not a factor.

In respect to this, do I need to evacuate?

Almost every year people along coastlines evacuate before hurricanes. If an official government source advises you to evacuate, do so immediately. Only when there's a serious threat to public safety is a mandatory evacuation ordered.

Where are the mandatory evacuations in California?

Cal Fire identified the areas under mandatory evacuation orders as:

  • Geyserville, California.
  • Cloverdale Geysers Road.
  • Geysers Road.
  • Red Winery Road.
  • Alexander Mountain Road.
  • Pine Flat Road.
  • All roads east of Highway 128 to Geyserville.

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