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Does the new Stokke baby set fit the old chair?

During an e-mail exchange with Stokke USA, however, the rep wrote that the new Baby Set is only compatible with chairs made after June 2006. The Baby Set requires a seat attachment that is different from the white seat clip I mentioned before.

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In this regard, what age Stokke high chair?

The Stokke® Steps™ Bouncer is suitable for use from birth up to the age of approximately 6 months or 9kg/19.8 lbs.

Secondly, can Stokke high chair tray go in dishwasher? Features: Available in clear, BPA-free plastic—made in the USA and certified for food contact by the FDA. For easy cleaning, the tray is dishwasher safe. The tray is not designed to hold the child in the chair.

Just so, what age does Tripp Trapp set?

This product is for everybody from 6 months of age right up to adulthood. The high back, front rail and strap of the Baby Set convert the Tripp Trapp® into the best high chair you can get. As the child grows, you take the baby set away and keep on adjusting the chair.

Does Stokke high chair fold up?

The Stokke is one of the lightest chairs of the bunch, weighing only a touch over 15 pounds. Regarding portability, it does not fold flat, or fold at all for that matter. However, we found that it was not necessary to store this chair as you can slide it up to the table and out of the way much like a regular chair.

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