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Does the Masonic serve alcohol?

Alcohol: To purchase alcoholic beverages, patrons must present valid government-issued photo identification and be at least 21 years of age. (United States-issued ID card/drivers license or passport only. No exceptions.) Re-Entry: There is no re-entry once you have been admitted into the venue.

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Correspondingly, is the Masonic all ages?

Age Policy: The Masonic is an all ages venue, with the exception of babes in arms. Every person must have a ticket.

Similarly, how many seats does the Masonic have? 3,481

Secondly, what is the California Room at the Masonic?

California Room. The 5,240-square-foot California Room is an exclusive, unique space for weddings, receptions, business meetings, corporate events or parties. Four large bay windows provide natural light during the day and beautiful views of San Francisco by night.

Can you smoke in the Masonic Temple?

House Bill 4377 prohibits smoking in public areas. Smoking and the use of vaping devices are not permitted indoors at The Masonic. Violators will be subject to removal. However, there are outdoor areas at The Masonic where smoking and vaping devices are permitted.

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