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Does Starwood Preferred Guest still exist?

The rebrand means that soon, American Express' SPG-branded cards will get rebranded as Marriott Bonvoy cards, and the SPG name will cease to exist.

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Also to know is, is SPG going away?

As expected, the ability to qualify for elite status on stays is ending, but you will have one last chance to qualify for Platinum status with 25 Starwood stays in 2018, which will be my plan.

Secondly, where can I find my SPG member number? Your 'My Account' page will have your SPG number under your name and membership level. To locate your account number using the SPG App, click on the purple information box at the top right of the screen (where your name is located). Then click on My SPG Account.

Simply so, is Starwood Preferred Guest the same as Marriott?

While the changes won't take effect until August, on Monday afternoon Marriott officially unveiled its new — still unnamed — rewards program that will unify benefits across Marriott Rewards, Ritz-Carlton Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG).

What happened to Starwood?

In 2016, somewhat to the dismay of SPG-ers, Marriott acquired Starwood for $13.6 billion, forming the largest hotel company in the world: 29 brands, 6,500 properties, and 127 countries. This Saturday, August 18, the two reward programs will merge.

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