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Does Starbucks have golden milk?

Golden Milk Coffee. Infused with turmeric and warm spices, you can enjoy this exotic iced coffee any time of the day.

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Furthermore, does Starbucks make golden milk?

To make the Turmeric Latte, baristas first make the classic golden milk recipe which is just turmeric powder dissolved in steamed milk. Then, they pour the spicy golden milk over espresso and it turns into this creamy, spicy, warming, energizing, perfect-for-fall drink.

Similarly, are turmeric lattes good for you? It can be eaten fresh, or dried and made into a bright yellow-orange powder and used in dishes like curry or beverages like “turmeric lattes,” aka golden milk, a traditional ayurvedic drink believed to contain anti-inflammatory properties. This is mainly due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

People also ask, does Starbucks have a golden latte?

28th August 2017 – Starbucks has introduced a brand-new Latte with Turmeric to its menu, available in stores across greater London from today. The delicious golden coloured milk is one of the latest trends on the high street and makes beautiful Instagram-able latte art.

Does turmeric latte have coffee in it?

Possibly turmeric's greatest calling card is its purported health benefits. At its most basic, the caffeine-free drink consists of warm, frothed nut milk, though some versions use dairy, turmeric root juice, chopped fresh turmeric or turmeric powder. While it has latte in name, zero coffee is involved.

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