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Does Staples offer a teacher discount?

Staples. With the Staples Teacher Rewards program, teachers will be able to earn rewards for classroom purchases and more, including up to 5% back in rewards on everything and 10% back on teaching and art supplies.

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Herein, is Amazon Prime free for teachers?

Start your 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime. edu email address, you qualify for Amazon Prime Student, which gives you a six-month all-access free trial and then Prime for just $49 a year—half the price of a regular membership. Working teachers also get exclusive perks. You can check those out here.

do teachers get a discount at Best Buy? Best Buy - Will honor other manufacturer discounts; up to individual store. Bose - Up to 15% off for educators and members of educational associations through the Educators Direct Group. HP - Up to 20% off via Academic Purchase Programs. - Faculty pricing varies by school.

Similarly one may ask, where do teachers get a discount?

Crayola: Gold Star Teacher program: Discounts from & opportunities to test/provide feedback on new products & lesson plans. Hancock Fabrics: Show your school ID for 15% off. JoAnn Fabrics: 15% off with Teacher Rewards membership. Kmart:Various teacher-exclusive savings.

Does Walmart offer a teacher discount?

Walmart Teacher Discount Education Discount. Walmart is among the most popular destinations for educators shopping for their classrooms and families. They have a history of providing seasonal discounts to teachers, as well as giving $50 Teacher Rewards Cards to educators of participating schools.

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