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Does Smart Balance lower cholesterol?

Smart Balance Heart Right Light (with stanols) has a mild flavor. Two grams a day—the amount in 4 tablespoons of a fortified stanol spread—might lower LDL (bad) cholesterol by about 10 percent. At 50 to 70 calories per tablespoon, that can put a big dent in your calorie intake.

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Besides, is Smart Balance heart healthy?

Fats and Your Food: Striking a Heart-Smart Balance. Fat has become a bad word in heart health, but it's more complicated than that. While it's true that carrying extra body fat is bad for you, the types of fats that come from different foods in the diet are not all the same.

Also, does Smart Balance have plant sterols? However, Smart Balance Spreadable Butter contains only 0.1g (100mg) of plant sterols per serving (a 14g tablespoon), which meant consumers eating an entire 7.5oz pack of the butter (just over 15 tbsps) would still fall short of the 2g/day recommendation, said the complaint.

In this way, what is the best spread to lower cholesterol?

Answer: Fortunately, we have many tasty alternatives to butter in the form of vegetable-oil-derived spreads. Among them is a small group, such as Flora pro-activ and Logicol, that contain plant sterols and come with claims that they lower blood-cholesterol levels.

What is the healthiest alternative to butter?

Simply use 3/4 cup of olive oil for every cup of butter called for in a recipe. Olive oil is also an effective butter substitute in pasta sauces and mashed potatoes. Touted as a heart-healthy staple by the American Heart Association, olive oil is loaded with healthy unsaturated fats that are worth the extra calories.

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