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Does silver or white reflect more heat?

Other than the convective and conductive heat transfer due to the ambient air, absorbed sunlight raise the cars temperature. White paints absorb <10% of sunlight so the heat input is limited. Grey or silver paint absorbs ~ 30% of the sunlight. Black paint absorbs >85% of sunlight.

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In this manner, does white or silver reflect heat better?

Black bodies radiate the most heat and reflect the least light while white radiates the least heat and reflects the most light.

is silver a good reflector of heat? Something that is silver such as aluminum foil has a rather low emissivity. Not only is this a good reflector to your eye of visible light, it is a good reflector of heat. Not only will a hand feel heat from the lamp, it will feel heat reflected from the foil.

Also to know is, which colors reflect the most heat?

Red objects attract the least heat after white objects, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, which attracts the most heat of any visible color other than black.

What color car is best for hot weather?

To make the interior of a vehicle warmer in climates which don't boast high temperatures all year round though, a colour such as yellow or grey in a non-metalic/shiny sheen is a good option- these colours aren't full extremes of black or white and so adequately reflect light whilst also absorb a fair amount too helping

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