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Does Season 3 of the flash go back to normal?

Will The Flash (Barry Allen) escape flashpoint and go back to original timeline in season 3? Yes. In that episode Barry puts The reverse flash in a cage like a prison in a warehouse. But In that episode kid flash becomes the flash and iris is lurk Caitlin and Cisco.

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Accordingly, does the flash go back to normal in Season 3?

Just as Eobard predicted, Barry returns to The Reverse-Flash's cell and asks his nemesis to go back in time and kill his mother again. Barry believes that this will turn everything back to normal, but he's very wrong about that. Barry's attempt at correcting the timeline didn't work out as he'd hoped.

how long does flashpoint last in season 3? If 'The Flash' does a version of 'Flashpoint,' how long until Barry fixes the timeline? It will last 1-2 episodes — just enough to teach Barry a lesson! Somehow, some way, the 'Flashpoint'/alternate timeline storyline will last all of Season 3!

Likewise, people ask, does the timeline in the Flash ever go back to normal?

Yes. In that episode Barry puts The reverse flash in a cage like a prison in a warehouse. And later in that episode he makes reverse flash go back in time and kill his mother. And he goes back to his original timeline.

What happens to Iris in the Flash Season 3?

The Flash's Season 3 finale made quick work of “resolving” Iris' death at the hands of Savitar, by revealing — as speculated by many — that prior to the fateful face-off, H.R. used Savitar's armor fragment to track down Iris and switch places with her using the facial transmogrifier.

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