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Does Samsung a9 support 5g?

On the front, the Samsung Galaxy A9 5G packs a32MP sensor for selfies and video chats. Connectivity optionsinclude 5G connectivity, Dual 4G VoLTE, dual-band Wi-Fi,Bluetooth 5, GPS + GLONASS and USB Type-C port. A 4500mAh batterywith 25W superfast charging support fuels thephone.

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Similarly one may ask, does Samsung a9 has slow motion?

Yes, you can record slow-motionvideos with Galaxy A9.

does Samsung a9 have flash? Samsung Galaxy A9 does not have the frontcamera LED flash. But it has a display screenflash.

In this way, is Samsung a9 fast charging?

There isn't any wireless charging included here,but the Samsung Galaxy A9 does support fast charging,allowing you to quickly top up the battery if you are runninglow.

How old is the Samsung a9?

Samsung Galaxy A9 refers to three SamsungGalaxy Android smartphones released in the 2010s. These are:Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016), Android smartphone released in2015. Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016), Android smartphonerelease in 2016.

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