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Does pool algae eat chlorine?

While there is a lot of algae in the water the chlorine will be depleted fairly quickly and must be replenished often in order to kill algae faster than it grows. As the algae dies off, there is less demand on the chlorine and it will last for a longer period of time.

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Regarding this, does chlorine kill algae?

Killing Green Algae with Chlorine. Use chlorine as your go-to algae killer. "Shocking" the pool with a large dose of chlorine is the most effective way to kill the existing algae and bring your pool back to sanitary conditions. This usually works within 1–3 days, but can take up to a week if pool conditions are poor.

will chlorine clear a green pool? This is the main event in clearing a green pool—killing the algae. Pool shock contains a high level of chlorine that will kill the algae and sanitize the pool. Important: Even if you normally use non-chlorine shock, you must use chlorine shock to kill algae.

Consequently, can you swim in a pool with algae?

Algae spores find their way into your pool all the time, and the best way to control them is to maintain your pool's alkalinity. The common green algae, on its own, can't harm you, but the bacteria feeding on it can. Here are some of the possible health effects of swimming in a pool that has plenty of algae.

How much chlorine does it take to kill algae in pool?

Shock your pool- Add a chlorine-based shock as needed. You will usually need 1 pound per 10,000 gallons of pool water (no algae problem). Since an algae problem is present, you will need 2 pounds per 10,000 gallons.

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