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Does PlayStation 4 have Sunday Ticket?

If you want to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One that will cost $239.99, but won't include the option to watch on PC, tablets, laptops and mobile devices. Red Zone Channel is only a part of Sunday Ticket Max.

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Considering this, does ps4 have Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket is the most comprehensive way to keep up with the NFL via streaming, and the PS4 app works pretty well. Sunday Ticket is a DirecTV service, but as of last year, you don't actually need to be a DirecTV subscriber to get access to it.

Likewise, can you get the NFL app on ps4? It's widely available too, with apps on iOS and Android, the web and on TVs through Roku, Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV and Fire TV. It's also available on the PS4 and PS3. If you don't care about NFL Network games or RedZone, we recommend YouTube TV, our favorite live TV streaming overall.

Similarly one may ask, how much is Sunday Ticket on ps4?

Football. Game. On top of your DIRECTV package of CHOICE or above, the whole season will cost you a pretty penny of $293.94 (or $73.49 per month), or you could upgrade to MAX for $100 more. So you could say this SUNDAY TICKET is for the megafans.

Is there a way to get NFL Sunday Ticket without directv?

For most of us, getting NFL SUNDAY TICKET without DIRECTV is a no-go. But for a select few, DIRECTV offers NFL SUNDAY TICKET as a stand-alone streaming service. With it, you can stream the game on any compatible device.

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