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Does Panera sell rye bread?

We know goodbyes are tough, but our Rye Pan Loaf bread has left the menu. We're still baking several other delicious loaves fresh each day, including our classic Sourdough.

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Similarly, what kind of bread does Panera use?


  • French Baguette Loaf. $3.49. 140 Cal. per 2 oz.
  • Sourdough Loaf. $4.29. 150 Cal.
  • Cinnamon Raisin Swirl. $4.99. 160 Cal.
  • Asiago Cheese Loaf. $4.79. 150 Cal.
  • Sourdough Bread Bowl 2-Pack. $3.49. Sourdough Bread Bowl 2-Pack.
  • Sourdough Bread Bowl. $2.19. 670 Cal.
  • Whole Grain Pan Loaf. $4.59. per 2 oz.
  • Artisan Ciabatta Loaf. $3.59. 150 Cal.

Likewise, what is the healthiest bread at Panera? The healthiest bread you can buy is a 100% whole grain loaf. It should have 4 grams of fiber or more per serving and less than 5 grams of added sugar. You would think that Panera would offer 100% whole grain because it is so popular with the healthy crowd.

Just so, does Panera sell their bread?

Sliced Bread from Panera at Home. Now it's easier than ever to make scrumptious sandwiches at home, with Panera at Home Sliced Breads, inspired by bakery-cafe favorites. Our line of wholesome and delicious Sliced Breads features four signature flavors: Tomato Basil, Multi-Grain, Country White, and Honey Wheat.

Where does Panera get their bread?

Panera employs over 6,000 bakers who make more than 250 million bagels and 50 million baguettes each year. Every night, fresh dough is delivered to all Panera locations from Fresh Dough Facilities across the country. So their bread is about as fresh as it gets.

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