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Does oak furniture need waxing?

You'll need to wax your furniture at least every six months, to nourish the wood and form a lasting seal for your furniture. This may sound daunting, but it's worth it, to help your furniture really last a lifetime. Waxing protects the grain, and makes the wood crack resistant, keeping any finish in the best condition.

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Also to know is, can you use beeswax on oak furniture?

The charm of oak furniture is in its individual character - even in its natural imperfections. Once your new furniture has been delivered, it's wise to help it acclimatise to your home by treating it with oil or wax polish (beeswax gives the best finish), and to continue treating it at three-month intervals.

Furthermore, what kind of oil do you use on oak furniture? Danish oil

One may also ask, how do you care for oak furniture?

To maintain your furniture's shine and repel water, treat the wood with furniture oil, wax, or polish. Moisturize at least once a month to prevent cracking or more frequently (like once a week) if the furniture gets daily wear and tear. You may also want to oil a new or used piece of oak furniture that appears dry.

Can you wax oak?

Waxed Oak. Waxed oak is not totally sealed from the elements and will be affected by spillages and stains. If there is a spill, make sure to clean it up fast with a damp soft cloth or it could be absorbed into the wood, which may leave marks.

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