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Does multithreading use multiple cores?

In computer architecture, multithreading is theability of a central processing unit (CPU) (or a single corein a multi-core processor) to provide multiplethreads of execution concurrently, supported by the operatingsystem.

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Just so, does multithreading use multiple cores Python?

The “multi” in multiprocessing refers to themultiple cores in a computer's central processing unit(CPU). In Python, single-CPU use is caused bythe global interpreter lock (GIL), which allows only one thread tocarry the Python interpreter at any given time.

Similarly, is multithreading possible in single core processor? Yes you can do multithreading on a singleprocessor system. In multi-processor system ,multiple threads execute , simultaneously on differentcores. Eg- If there are two threads and two cores ,then each thread would run on individual core.

Similarly one may ask, do multiple threads run on different cores?

The answer is: it depends. On a system withmultiple processors or CPU cores (as is common withmodern processors), multiple processes or threads canbe executed in parallel. On a single processor, though, it is notpossible to have processes or threads truly executing at thesame time.

How many threads can one core handle?

3 Answers. You have 4 CPU sockets, each CPUcan have, up to, 12 cores and each core can have twothreads. Your max thread count is, 4 CPU x 12cores x 2 threads per core, so 12 x 4 x 2 is96. Therefore the max thread count is 96 and maxcore count is 48.

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