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Does Miracle Grow smell like ammonia?

Since both the potting soil and the water you are using contain Miracle-Gro, I can understand why there is an ammonia smell. This fertilizer is ammonia based, and thus explains the odor.

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Keeping this in consideration, does Liquid Miracle Grow smell like ammonia?

Is it normal for Miracle Grow All Purpose Plant Food to smell strongly of ammonia? It is liquid, and it is about two years old, but that is a guessmight be just a year. Once mixed, there is no ammonia smell whatsoever.

Additionally, what is bad about Miracle Grow? Miracle-Gro also contains high levels of salt, which over time strip the soil of its natural nutrients and prevent plants from absorbing them as well, causing a type of "lawn burn." Many consumers believe that more fertilizer will help their gardens even more, so overapplication and consumer misuse exacerbate these

Hereof, why does my fertilizer smell like ammonia?

Lawn care applicators must understand that when using liquid fertilizer, a strong ammonia smell is a sign that something is not right and product should not be applied until the cause of the odor is resolved.

Does fertilizer have ammonia in it?

Ammonia has the highest N content of any commercial fertilizer. It can be directly applied to soil as a plant nutrient or converted into a variety of common N fertilizers. handling ammonia requires careful attention to safety.

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