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Does milorganite smell?

Now the dark pellets of Milorganite are said to have a solvent-like smell that sticks at the back of your throat while others describe it as the sweet scent of lightly perfumed dryer sheets with an undertone of rotten fruit.

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Also to know is, how long does milorganite smell last?

It lasts usually 2 weeks for me when it's hot and humid. Rain (or getting it wet) usually brings out that sweet smell as well.

Beside above, should I put milorganite down before it rains? Yes, you can apply before rain. As long as it isn't a downpour that would lead to significant surface run off or wash the Milorganite away, rainfall is good.

In this manner, is milorganite made from human waste?

These pools of churning water are murky, and tiny solids can be seen. But that's not human waste. It's bacteria – like aspidisca, arcella, vorticella and others – that breaks down the organic material in the water. So Milorganite is actually the dead bacteria, not poop (which is the bacteria's food).

Can milorganite make you sick?

Milorganite is non-toxic, but if your dog happens to eat it off the ground, there's a chance there may be something in the soil or lawn that could make them sick.

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